"He is not here, he is risen, just as he said." These beautiful words hold significance to the Christian faith, the course of history, and in the lives of those of us who know them to be true. For those who believe these words, there is no greater news!  These words are not just a statement of where our Lord is, they are a proclamation that Death was conquered, Jesus is alive and moving, they are a decree that God has kept his word, and they are a manifesto that Love won once and for all.  

This collection is an overflow of what these words mean to me personally. It is possibly the most personal and soulful collection I have released to date, and it is truly a a physical, wearable representation of the life we have in Christ Jesus.  I believe that creativity comes from the Creator, and any art form is just a form of worship back to him. This collection is an offering and physical act of worship. You may notice that a hallmark of this collection is lots of different chains and varieties of pearls.  Being from the south, pearls will forever be reminiscent of going to church, and I took my own creative liberties with that in my designs.  

My favorite part of this collection is the ancient coins. There are Widow's Mites, Ancient Byzantine coins, coins with Constantine the Great on them (he legalized Christianity in Rome), and last but not least, ancient coins with "Christ, King of Kings" inscribed on them. The obverse side of the "King of Kings" coin feature the bust of Jesus. These are each hand-set in a one of a kind setting, and come with a certificate of authenticity, as well as a card telling the significance of the coin.  For more about these coins, please see the link below to the Ancient Coin FAQ page.  

This collection is a continual work in progress (just like all of us), so please stay tuned for new additions. And with that, I give you Ascension: A collection of religious icons, varied crosses, and ancient coins with Biblical significance.  

xoxo, Ann Burgwin